Choose Your A-Level Subjects

#1 Make sure your decision is well-informed. Do not rush your decisions. Gather as much information as you can about the choices you have and then examine the information. Do not let other people’s choices affect you. Decide what’s best for you. Consult your parents and teachers for advice. Make sure you get the logic […]

Why So Many Students Hate Math

Students generally have the impression that math is their least favourite subject. It’s fairly unusual for struggling kids to say things like, “I detest math class,” or “math is too hard.” But why is it that so many pupils detest math? What can be done to encourage more students to experience the joy and satisfaction […]

Teachers Need to Know About Memory

Teachers can greatly aid students in internalizing lessons in long-term memory by having an understanding of how humans store and use information. Human memory is among the most crucial yet least understood parts of learning. It is our responsibility to impart knowledge and skills to pupils; this is the most significant part of our work. […]

Maths Calculator Skills You Didn’t Know Your Calculator Can Do

Soon after they enter high school or secondary school, students are allowed to use calculators during their exams. It is imperative to understand the principles of mathematical calculation without the aid of a calculator, which is why elementary school children are not permitted to use a calculator during their math exams. In higher education, a […]

Help Your Child Study Effectively

Even while your child may like attending school and completing their homework every night, this may not always result in the academic improvements and grades you and your child desire. Therefore, rather than making their kids do additional revision work, parents can assist their kids to learn by teaching them efficient study habits. The perfect […]

Covid Learning Loss? Tutoring Is Key

Each and every kid has experienced COVID learning loss as a result of the epidemic. Tutoring is a crucial component of helping children overcome those learning losses and have a successful academic year, according to study. Covid-19 has caused a significant learning lag when combined with the typical learning losses kids experience over the summer. […]

Advancing Graphene Technology

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between two top companies was recently signed in front of Malaysia’s Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation. According to this Memorandum of Understanding, one of the companies, a well-respected global leader from Japan, has been given the sole authority to distribute in Japan graphite and graphene made by a Malaysian […]

9 Do’s And Don’ts To Stop Procrastinating

How can students avoid putting things off? Every student battles with the propensity of procrastination at some point. But it’s not impossible to overcome a student’s procrastination! Students that procrastinate often suffer from poor performance, declining grades, and increasing stress. These repercussions can compound quickly, creating a vicious cycle of subpar performance in school and […]

Reading Comprehension And The Classroom

After a few years of working with children, we are aware that the majority of issues that young students have in the classroom can be linked to their literacy abilities, specifically reading comprehension. Reading comprehension: What Is It? The capacity to read and comprehend a sentence is known as reading comprehension. It is the capacity […]

Thriving Data Studies

In order to promote data mining, data analysis, and data analytics training among academicians and students, the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM) and the Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The Chief Statistician of Malaysia and the Vice-Chancellor of APU signed the document during a signing ceremony […]