IGCSE in Malaysia: All the Basics You Need to Know

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One of the major worries of parents is education, or choosing the best educational decision for their children based on the available possibilities at every stage of their academic careers. It is evident that Malaysian parents place a high value on their children’s education in order to provide a secure future for them. The Sijil […]

Kuala Lumpur’s Top 5 British International Schools

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In Kuala Lumpur and its environs, there are around 116 international schools, all of which provide a variety of curriculum from across the world, including American, Australian, and Canadian curricula, as well as the International Baccalaureate, to mention a few. The British curriculum, on the other hand, has long been one of the most popular […]

How To Teach Math Online With Zoom


Education has undergone so many unprecedented and unimaginable changes over the past few years, and particularly over the past one year due to the pandemic. Online platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet have become extremely useful for online classes and it is the ultimate saviour for teachers and students. Source: ursinus.edu/ For subjects like Math, whereby teaching can be complicated in […]

Best Science Tutoring Programs For High School Students


Because it drifts away from the foundations, high school science may become hard for kids. Before high school, basic science principles would not include many specifics, and conceptions would be quite general. Everything may appear abstract and difficult as pupils progress through high school. This is the main reason why scientific tuition has grown popular, […]

Which Should You Choose Between A-Level and STPM

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Many students have debated for years whether A-Level or STPM is the superior option. In search of answers, people will go great distances to question relatives, seniors, instructors, and anybody else who can provide them with the most real answers. Some people may even ask the topic in online forums, social media groups, or on […]

Cybersecurity Malaysia and HELP University collaborate on cyber security training and services.

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Cybersecurity Malaysia and HELP University collaborate on cyber security training and services. HU and CyberSecurity Malaysia have signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) to offer cybersecurity courses and professional trainings, as well as a cybersecurity health check service for businesses, and to educate students and the general public about cybersecurity, literacy, and awareness. CyberSecurity Malaysia […]

In Malaysia, Where Can I Find The Best Tutoring Services

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These days, tuition has become an important aspect of a student’s educational path. Times have changed, and today’s youngsters require additional assistance in order to succeed academically. This is the primary reason why Malaysian students and parents seek out the best tutoring services available. Furthermore, because it is such a handy choice, online tutoring has […]

How Do You Find the Best Tutor For Your Children?

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You may be perplexed if you are seeking for a tutor for your children or if you want to know how to find a tutor for my child near me. How can you discover a decent instructor in a city when there are so many tutors and educational organisations all claiming to deliver the greatest […]

10 Essential Ways To Prepare Your Kid For College

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Are you sending your child to college in another city or country? The process may be daunting, especially when it comes to college applications and the emotional preparations that come with witnessing your child grow up and enter a new stage of life. Before you send your child off to college, keep these ten things […]

How Can A Tutor Help A Child’s Academic Performance?

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Tuition is getting more frequent as most students nowadays can’t seem to thrive in exams without some type of outside assistance. Tutoring services are also becoming more common, and current firms are growing. For pupils to see some outcomes, they must put in regular effort. Until then, individuals must have patience and believe in their […]