Teaching Model Behavior in STEM Classes

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Teachers can utilise social and emotional learning frameworks to help students address ethical issues surrounding new technology. Because we are bound by our subjects’ certainty and a battery of standardised tests, STEM instructors often reject everything that cannot be proven. As educators, we must not hide behind our content and avoid the thorny technological-ethical issues […]

The Curriculum Needs to Include Robotics

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Robotics teachings can be used in any grade and topic, not just science and math. While retaining the class’s educational focus, teachers can use robots to integrate STEM and CS. To augment a literature lesson, students can programme robots to depict literary characters’ journeys. Students can determine the time to run a programme for their […]

Robotics Integration Across the Curriculum

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Robotics lessons can be used in any grade or subject, not only science and math. They can also be used in English and social studies. Using robots and robotics in the classroom is also a great way for teachers to incorporate STEM subjects like computer science and engineering without losing sight of their students’ learning […]

Future Career Guide for Growing Industries

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The internet has changed our lives. We couldn’t have envisaged an internet-centric life 20 years ago. The Internet and its apps are everywhere. These new technologies have changed the way we live, care for our health, prevent and combat climate change. The speed of change with new technology is astounding, and failing to keep up […]

Choosing The Most Appropriate Coding Course For Children

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One of the most rewarding things parents can do for their children is to invest in their future by enrolling them in the top online coding classes. Kids may acquire coding and computer science abilities as well as a useful skill set for life, such as problem solving, computational thinking, and critical thinking skills, through […]