5 Tips to Help Your Child Learn English

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Introduction It’s important to start teaching English to your children as early as possible. However, this doesn’t mean you should follow a set of rigid rules or pressure your child into learning. Many parents have found that when they allow their children to learn naturally—by reading books, watching movies and videos, singing songs, and writing […]

How to learn English grammer better and faster

how to learn English grammer

Introduction I used to struggle with English grammar. I couldn’t understand why I didn’t get it but eventually found out that I wasn’t alone in this. For most people learning English as a second language (ESL), grammar is one of the most difficult areas to master. However, there are certain techniques you can use to […]

IGCSE Preparation #5: Writing Better English IGCSE Essays

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Writing is one of the abilities examined in IGCSE English paper. Although the writing exam might be less scary than the listening and speaking tests, it still requires preparation to ace the IGCSE. Then how do you study for a writing test? How Can I Write a Better Essay for an Exam? Before the date […]

Improved Editing Techniques Result in Higher Grades

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Don’t let minor mistakes cost you valuable points. Students’ ability to edit their work is critical in helping them become better writers, as well as stronger students in all areas. Writing and editing abilities are vital in all aspects of learning, whether it’s for a math project or an essay. Editing abilities might also help […]

Developing your child’s vocabulary: some pointers

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A large vocabulary aids in the development of comprehension, communication, and reading abilities. Adjectives, verbs, and other parts of grammar will be required as children advance through school. Vocabulary development is an important life skill that students should cultivate in addition to their academic achievements. Adults teach children a lot, and there are various ways […]

Where Does the Connection Exist Between the Third Grade and Reading Ability?

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There are numerous milestones that children experience throughout their school years, including their very first day of school, their first school dance, graduation, and more! The third grade, on the other hand, is a year that is sometimes overlooked as a significant developmental milestone. WHAT IS IT ABOUT THE THIRD GRADE THAT IS IMPORTANT? Although […]

School Success and The Development of Vocabulary


Is your child’s vocabulary extensive? Vocabulary growth is more than just hearing and reading words. When it comes to reading, comprehension hinges on being able to decipher the meaning of a vast number of words. The broader a child’s vocabulary, the easier it is to comprehend written language. Vocabulary development starts long before a child […]