Why Choose Zoom for Studying

Although new technology has altered our daily lives, it can only serve to isolate us. However, they can be effective tools to rekindle our connection to other people when utilized properly. In 2020, Zoom surpassed TikTok, Disney+, YouTube, and even Instagram as the most downloaded app. Are you prepared to try it?   What is […]

Malaysia’s i-City Theme Park to Feature Metaverse Experience

To improve its theme park with a metaverse experience, i-City unveiled an RM10 million digital transformation strategy. The renovation, which will be carried out in partnership with a global cloud computing and telecommunications services provider, will combine i-City City’s of Digital Lights with a fully immersive 3D metaverse experience. The industry partner on this project […]

6 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Education Forever

AI education

The world is entering the era of the intelligent machine. From autonomous vehicles to artificial intelligence, the pace of innovation in AI is increasing exponentially. If we can teach machines to learn as we do, then we could create education systems that are infinitely more effective than the current ones. We believe that this will […]