Universiti Malaya Enable Knowledge Exchange

Universiti Malaya has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with an American data storage and hard disc drive manufacturer to invest in the university over the following five years in order to get access to expertise and research possibilities through knowledge exchange. This collaboration strengthens academia-industry alliances that seek to advance, aid in, transform communities, […]

Best Seven Courses to Study in Malaysia

Knowledge is a necessity for daily living, but certain kinds of understanding can significantly improve your interpersonal abilities, professional knowledge, and personal growth. Every nation has its own distinctive courses that set them apart from other courses of the same kind. We have identified the top courses available throughout Malaysia.   1- Brickfields Asia College’s […]

Benefits Of Studying Abroad

One must leave their country in order to pursue higher goals, and one must travel because doing so has five advantages: reducing anxiety, improving one’s living conditions, learning new things, developing manners, and, last but not least, discovering one’s true love or best friend. I wholeheartedly concur with this poetry, and ever since I first […]

Choosing a College in 2022

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There are numerous options for college selection. There can be a feeling of overload. Making such a big decision by yourself can be intimidating if you don’t know what to look for. Don’t worry, we’ll help! This post will detail important factors to consider while choosing a college to ensure you make the best choice […]

How Can I Inspire My Child’s Interest in Top Universities?

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Many parents worry about their children’s future, and for good reason. Preparing for entry into the global economy has grown more difficult due to growing competition. Many parents are concerned about their children’s future. Preparing for admission into the global economy has become more complex. You can help your child pick a premier university known […]

What is a Gap Year and What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks?


What if your child has opted to take a year out of college or university? Superb! In order to be as prepared as possible for what may happen to your child and yourself, you must now get yourself totally prepared. Here’s a rundown of the notion of a gap year, as well as the benefits […]

From the Kids in the Dual Language Program (DLP) Malaysia

The Dual Language Programme (DLP) was implemented by the Malaysian Ministry of Education (MBMMBI). For the sake of the nation’s schoolchildren, this measure was put in place to promote the use of English as well as Bahasa Malaysia. The Ministry of Education oversees the implementation of the programme in elementary and secondary national and private […]

Encourage Students to Pursue Jobs in Green Engineering

Encourage Students to Pursue Jobs in Green Engineering

Today’s modern engineering feats like solar panels and wind turbines help create a more sustainable future for everyone. So ubiquitous in our lives that many of us no longer notice them. It is critical to educate the public about these technologies and the engineers who created them. Growth in the green industry means growth in […]