Quran and Sunnah Studies

The key to power lies in knowledge, and Islam emphasises seeking it. The first revelation Allah gave us, humans, to read and strive to understand the Holy Quran – a reminder that comes with Prophet Muhammad’s words: “Seeking knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim”. In our current time, characterized by widespread ignorance and incorrect beliefs, studying Islamic values under knowledgeable scholars provides invaluable insight into living ethically both now and beyond this world. Investing precious time towards acquiring such wisdom will be rewarding across all aspects of life.

Quran and Sunnah Studies

Our Quran and Sunnah Tutors graduated from top universities


Unlock the true power of Islam with our highly qualified tutors. Our team is well-versed in traditional Quran recitation and knowledgeable about its meaning and background for a complete understanding. This practical method ensures that everyone – from children to adults – can benefit from their lessons anywhere, anytime! Let us help your family discover God’s word so that you can easily bring wisdom into your daily lives.

Customised curriculum

Tiger Campus Quran and Sunnah course bring a deep understanding of the Islamic world's social norms, principles and regulations. Our instructors for this unique course are well-known authorities within their fields that also master multiple languages - ensuring a truly riveting experience as pressing current topics come alive during our conversations!

Maximum Learning

Unlock the brilliance within and explore your intellectual curiosities. Join a select seminar group guided by research-active experts whose wisdom will help you hone advanced critical thinking & analysis skills! We foster a supportive, open atmosphere that guides our students to reach their full potential. We ensure they are comfortable asking questions and give them the tools they need for success. By investing in each person's growth and understanding, we aim to unlock excellence from within.

Experienced Quran and Sunnah Tutors

Each of you will be paired with a mentor who will act as a guide and source of one-on-one encouragement as you progress through your study of Islam. With research scholars also joining us virtually - don't miss out on an inspiring session that promises unique insights!

About Tiger Campus

Our Courses hone critical thinking skills and skill enhancement techniques and give you the opportunity for practical application with renowned professionals – all so that learners are prepared in case any situation arises. Get ready now by building expertise at Tiger Campus!


Our Expert Tutors will uncover the Quran and Sunnah teachings and how it has withstood time to remain a significant driving force in jurisprudence today. With no prior knowledge or formal requirements, delve into both classical roots and explorations on its current-day implications – all through Arabic and English readings.


Is educational success your goal? Don’t worry and look no further than Tiger Campus Online Tuition! Our team is eager to provide you with the resources and guidance necessary for accomplishing any academic aspirations. 

Get ready for an insightful journey!


This course offers students an eye-opening journey through the history, theory, and implications of the Quran and Sunnah in classical contexts and its growing importance worldwide today. With no prerequisites or prior experience, all readings will be provided in English to ensure maximum accessibility for any learner who wishes to delve into this fascinating subject matter.

Get set to explore this program’s scholarly discourse around different historical periods and contexts! You’ll become acquainted with the latest breakthroughs, hone your dissertation-writing abilities, and gain an invaluable knowledge base. All while learning from top experts in their field!

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The flexible study, interdisciplinary learning and teaching focus on complex global and social challenges.



An interdisciplinary course can help your career and future employability.



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Tiger Campus’ Quran and Sunnah course?

Taught in English with a detailed and progressive focus on Arabic, it comprises an in-depth study of the many disciplines of Islamic studies, including classical Arabic language with grammar and entomology, classical literature, Tafseer (exegesis) of the holy Qur´ān, theology Fiqh

What to expect in Quran and Sunnah class?

Quality Islamic education which enables our students to develop positive attributes and skills to achieve their potential and become beneficial as human beings and as productive members of society

How much does Tiger Campus' online course cost?

The cost of an online course depends on the package you select. We offer various basic and comprehensive packages so our students can find a price point that fits their budget.

Thank you For Contacting TigerCampus. We will reach out to you in 1-2 business days.

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