Career Paths Shape Personality and Interests

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Work is not frequently associated with personal interests or hobbies. Work was generally seen as a period set aside to feed oneself and one’s family. But lately, at least among the younger generations of employees, we have broadened our view of work to include more personal and fun aspects. That is, we are learning how our personality and passions might influence our work path. Here are some examples.

# 1 Match a job’s requirements

Think about the various personality traits which vary from person to person. Some people are more outgoing and extroverted than others. Others are more “big picture” focused. Some folks are more relaxed than others. So an outgoing, “big picture” person should work in sales whereas an introverted, detail-oriented individual should work in accounting. The opposite way around would be a huge misfit – and perhaps crippling. Having personality traits that are compatible with the needs of a particular job or career would help one choose, what more excel at a particular career path.

# 2 Hobbies can shape one’s job

Passion is a feeling that a person has for their own life, not only their hobbies or work. Of course, some loves, like playing a musical instrument or creating art, can only persist for a short time. Some of the person’s passions are related to their life’s mission. For example, the enthusiasm to reach out and improve lives, the passion to learn and grow, the passion to solve problems, the passion to conquer and overcome hurdles. Finding one’s passion can assist determine one’s motivation, especially in a job environment.


# 3 One’s personality and passions can assist form one’s job path

Ultimately, knowing who you are and what drives you will help you choose the right career. For example, if you are an outgoing person with a thirst for information, you might be a field researcher! Otherwise, if you are a detail-oriented person who thrives on difficulties, you may become a business strategist or even a CEO!

Career advancement doesn’t have to be arduous, and work doesn’t have to be monotonous and detached from our genuine selves. We can only design a career that we can like working in if we are at peace with our personality and interests.


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