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About SPM

The Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), or the Malaysian Certificate of Education, is a national examination attended by every fifth-form secondary school students in Malaysia. 

SPM is the penultimate examination sat by secondary school students before admission into sixth form or technical education. The examination is established and reviewed by the Malaysian Examinations board (Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia). For those who attend international schools, the equivalent exam they sit for is the International General Certificate of Secondary Education exam. On the other hand, the Unified Examinations Certificate is equivalent to Advanced Level.

It is the equivalent to the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland; Nationals 4/5 in Scotland; and GCE Ordinary Level in the Commonwealth of Nations. It is the leaving examination of the eleventh grade of education.

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The subjects that are taken in this exam include:

The mandatory or core subjects that were taken in this exam are:

Optional subjects are:

And Many More

Why SPM Home Or Online Tuition in Malaysia?

SPM is one of the significant obstacle your child will experience in his or her scholarly life, although it is not the last determinant. A student who did not do well for their SPM can still excel in life. It is not a doom and gloom situation.

SPM Home Or Online Tuition helps students who are struggling with their SPM related grades in school.
Private home or online tuition allows a tutor to quickly assess the student’s understanding and pace of learning faster than a group session.
A well-tailored lesson plan by the tutor can be adjusted according to the student’s learning ability.

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