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Chemistry Tuition Education in Malaysia

Chemistry is the discipline of science that studies the characteristics, content, and structure of elements and compounds, as well as the energy generated or absorbed as they change. Join Chemistry Online Tuition Today!

Students in Malaysia start their chemistry education normally in form 4 where science is further differentiated along with Biology Tuition and Physics Tuition.


TigerCampus Malaysia is one of the premium online Tuition Centers in the country. We have at-home and Chemistry Tutors Online. TigerCampus Tutors are able to provide quality home and Online Chemistry Tuition to prepare you to take any chemistry exam. From the secondary level up until university, we provide tuition for any Chemistry Tuition you find necessary. Join Online Chemistry Tuition Now!

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What you will learn


Our available chemistry tuition syllabuses

Form 4
  1. Matter & the Atomic Structure
  2. Formula & Chemical Equations
  3. Periodic Table
  4. Chemical Bonds
  5. Acids, Bases and Salt
  6. Rate of Reaction
Form 5
  1. Redox Equilibrium
  2. Carbon Compound
  3. Thermochemistry
  4. Polymer
  5. Consumer & Industrial Chemistry
First term: 
  1. Atoms, Molecules & Stoichiometry
  2. Electronic Structures of Atoms
  3. Chemical Bonding
  4. States of Matter
  5. Reaction Kinetics
  6. Equilibria

Second term: 
  1. Chemical Energetics
  2. Electrochemistry
  3. Periodic Table: Periodicity
  4. Group 2 Elements
  5. Group 14 Elements
  6. Group 17 Elements
  7. Transition Elements

Third term:
  1. Introductions to Organic Chemistry
  2. Hydrocarbons
  3. Haloalkanes
  4. Hydroxy Compounds
  5. Carbonyl Compounds
  6. Carboxylic Acids and their Derivatives
  7. Amines, Amino Acids and Proteins
  8. Polymers
Main Topics
  1. The particulate nature of matter
  2. Experimental techniques
  3. Atoms, elements & compounds
  4. Stoichiometry
  5. Electricity & chemistry
  6. Chemical energetics
  7. Chemical reactions
  8. Acids, bases & salts
  9. The Periodic Table
  10. Metals
  11. Air & Water 
  12. Sulfur
  13. Carbonates
  14. Organic Chemistry
AS Level Chemistry
  1. Physical Chemistry
  2. Inorganic Chemistry
  3. Organic Chemistry
  4. Analysis


A2 Level Chemistry
  1. Physical Chemistry
  2. Inorganic Chemistry
  3. Organic Chemistry
  4. Analysis
Core (SL & HL)
  1. Stoichiometric Relationships
  2. Atomic Structure
  3. Preiodicity
  4. Chemical Bonding & Structure
  5. Energetics/Thermochemistry
  6. Chemical Kinetics
  7. Equilibrium
  8. Acids & Bases
  9. Redox Processes
  10. Organic Chemistry
  11. Measurement and Data Processing


Higher Level (HL)
  1. Atomic Structure (Electrons in atoms)
  2. The Periodic Table: Transition Metals 
  3. Chemical Bonding & Structure (Further aspects of covalent bonding and structure, Hybridization)
  4. Energetics/Thermochemistry (Energy cycles, Entropy and spontaneity)
  5. Chemical Kinetics (Rate expression and reaction mechanism, Activation energy)
  6. Equilibrium (The equilibrium law)
  7. Acids & Bases (Lewis acids and bases, Calculations involving acids and bases, pH curves)
  8. Redox Processes (Electrochemical cells)
  9. Organic Chemistry (Types of organic reactions, Synthetic routes, Stereoisomerism)
  10. Measurement and Analysis (Spectroscopic identification of organic compounds)

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