Cybersecurity Malaysia and HELP University collaborate on cyber security training and services.

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Cybersecurity Malaysia and HELP University collaborate on cyber security training and services.

HU and CyberSecurity Malaysia have signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) to offer cybersecurity courses and professional trainings, as well as a cybersecurity health check service for businesses, and to educate students and the general public about cybersecurity, literacy, and awareness.

CyberSecurity Malaysia and HU signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2020 to launch up a number of activities, including HELP lecturer training. Six employees have passed the Global Accredited Cybersecurity Education (Global ACE) Certification scheme’s cybersecurity certification programmes to date.

HELP University is also a Global ACE Certification Examination Centre and a supplier of an integrated curriculum for cybersecurity professional certification and education as part of the agreement.

“This relationship with CyberSecurity Malaysia is smart and timely,” says Professor Datuk Dr Paul Chan, Vice-Chancellor of HELP University. For starters, CSM’s certification courses complement the Institute of Crime and Criminology’s Masters of Economic Crime Management degree. Second, the cybersecurity threat is escalating, necessitating the immediate hiring of well-trained and competent cybersecurity specialists. Third, the professionalisation of cybersecurity processes will aid in the industry’s methodical development. This combined endeavour would strengthen Malaysia’s position as a regional hub for cybersecurity education and consulting, as it currently ranks fifth in the ITU Global Cyber Security Index 2020. Finally, cybersecurity literacy should be taught to all Malaysians because we are now more vulnerable to cyber attacks as we utilise more technological gadgets.”

To oversee this partnership, HELP University has established the Centre of Industry Revolution 4.0 under the Faculty of Computing and Digital Technology. The Center will provide a variety of cybersecurity competency-based courses.

Cybersecurity risks are expanding in tandem with the fast proliferation of data-driven technologies, according to Abdul Wahab, Chief Executive Officer of CyberSecurity Malaysia, making cyber risk management critical in any business or organisation. Despite this, the globe, particularly Malaysia, is experiencing a severe lack of highly certified and competent cybersecurity personnel. This is a global issue since qualified professionals are difficult to find, and the process of certifying and accrediting is always difficult. The circumstances described above created a void in the field of cybersecurity education.

With the help of the government, academia, and industry, CyberSecurity Malaysia has created The Global Accredited Cybersecurity Education (Global ACE) Certification, a cybersecurity professional certification scheme that is aligned with international standards such as ISO/IEC 17024, ISO/IEC 27001, and ISO 9001.

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has named Global ACE Certification as the winner of Category 5: Building Confidence and Security in the Use of ICTs in the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Prizes 2020. This is a recognition of Global ACE Certification’s commitment to society on both a local and global level.

The Global ACE Certification was created to continually discover, nurture, and improve cybersecurity knowledge professionals. Its goal is to help these knowledge workers become more skilled and professional.
By integrating cybersecurity professional certifications within their education syllabuses to value-add graduates, CyberSecurity Malaysia has developed numerous synergistic collaborations with public and private institutions such as universities and colleges through the Global ACE certification.


Professor Chan emphasises that HELP University has developed the National Upskilling Program to upskill and reskill Malaysians for the digital age as a Premier Digital Tech Institution. The Master of Data Science and Master of Applied Business Analytics are both available for RM8,000 to assist diverse groups in improving their employability and earning potential. The combined HU-CSM cybersecurity training is supplemented by these programmes, which include Cybersecurity.


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