Interview Tips #1 How to Respond: Please tell me about yourself

how to score high on a job interview

Tell me a little about yourself

Almost every interviewer will ask you this question. Since it allows the interviewer to get a complete picture of your personality in the shortest and most concise amount of time possible.


It is important that you answer this question properly since it sets the tone for the rest of the interview. Depending on how well you answer, your first impression of the interviewer may be made or broken. Even if you are somewhat confident and polite, it is simple to deliver a good answer. However, providing a wonderful answer will not only give a nice initial impression. But it will also affect what the interviewer will ask you next in the interview.

# Why it was asked?

Interviewers want to know who you are, how you got here, and what value you can bring to the table in the future; they want to know about your present, past, and future.


#How to nail it?

Include in the present tense your current role, the criteria used to assess your growth, and a recent accomplishment.

*1* Current

Consider the following: ‘I am an illustrator who contributes to my team’s efforts by developing animation backdrops.’ My art was just featured in an Apple commercial, which was really cool.

  • It demonstrates your expertise.
  • When you are confident in your abilities and know what you’re doing, it shows others.
  • Your story engages interviewers and allows them to ask questions inside your comfort zone, like ‘How did you get to work with Apple?’
  • Don’t be concerned about how compelling your story is. As long as you adhere to the logic of the structure, you will be perceived as professional, aware of your abilities, and having previous experience by the interviewer.


* 2* Past

Your previous experiences should highlight your major strengths and takeaways. They should include the following three vital pieces of information. Do includes two to three traits that are critical to your work, a comparison of your experience with said attributes, and one key event.

Example of a marketing resume: ‘I coordinated events and used social media to reach up to 5,000 internet users.’ In the end, I doubled the event’s participation.’ It all depends on the role. If you’re searching for an accounting job, emphasize how you handled the budget and prevented overspending.


*3* Future

Finally, the future should reaffirm your suitability for the post. Envision yourself as a member of the interviewer’s team.

 For example, ‘I am confident in my ability to manage funds as an event coordinator that I will be a useful addition as an accountant in your organization.’

Succeeding at this typical interview question will not only set the tone for a positive impression, but it will also persuade the interviewer to ask questions that are more in line with your interests. It also boosts confidence and sells you as a capable expert.


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