School Success and The Development of Vocabulary


Is your child’s vocabulary extensive? Vocabulary growth is more than just hearing and reading words. When it comes to reading, comprehension hinges on being able to decipher the meaning of a vast number of words. The broader a child’s vocabulary, the easier it is to comprehend written language.

Vocabulary development starts long before a child can read. As youngsters learn to communicate, their vocabulary grows. Reading helps young children develop reading habits that will help them increase their vocabulary throughout their lives.

Vocabulary is a tool for communication, comprehension, and knowledge acquisition.


Is there a reason why vocabulary size is important? Simply said, children may understand more if they know more terms. Therefore, you may easily expand your vocabulary by reading daily. A a result, daily reading time enhances vocabulary exposure. Between kindergarten and grade 12, students who read 30 minutes or more per day encounter 13.7 million words.

Vocabulary is important for reading. As, reading increases a student’s vocabulary by increasing his or her exposure to new terms. The more words students know, the better!

Reading comprehension improved with increasing vocabulary exposure. Students who did poorly on vocabulary tests also did poorly on reading assessments. A vast vocabulary can help your child understand others’ ideas and communicate effectively.

Vocabulary is the cornerstone of comprehension because unfamiliar words create gaps in the text, preventing your youngster from fully comprehending what they read.

A big vocabulary allows your child to communicate clearly.

Good reading habits at home are associated with a strong vocabulary. But setting up a home reading routine isn’t always easy! Making reading pleasurable will help your child acquire a stronger vocabulary and develop healthy reading habits that will last a lifetime.

Tiger Campus customized and personalized tutoring programmes assist students in learning to broaden their vocabulary while also giving support as they work toward reaching their goals and aspirations. If you need more help with any of the syllabus, our dedicated customer service professional is here to help!


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