10 Essential Ways To Prepare Your Kid For College

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Are you sending your child to college in another city or country? The process may be daunting, especially when it comes to college applications and the emotional preparations that come with witnessing your child grow up and enter a new stage of life. Before you send your child off to college, keep these ten things in mind.

1. Teach Them How To Cook

If your youngster hasn’t encountered the stove yet, now is the time to do so. Microwaved dinners and instant noodles are popular among college students because they are inexpensive, convenient, and quick. So they’ll need some training on how to prepare simple meals so they don’t go hungry or suffer from malnutrition. Teach them the fundamentals of cooking, such as rice, noodles, eggs, veggies, and curries. You may take it up a level and expose them to frying fish and chow kuey teow once they’ve mastered uncomfortable pan-handling.


2. Teach Them How To Do Laundry

They’ll need to grasp the fundamentals of using the washing machine if they want to survive college. It won’t hurt to educate kids how to use the proper detergents so that they may hand-wash their clothing in the future if they don’t have access to a washer. Don’t forget to teach kids how to fold their clothes so that their t-shirts don’t get wrinkled.


3. Use Cleaning Techniques

Your child should be able to use a vacuum cleaner and a broom. You don’t want your child’s future housemates to refer to him or her as “that unclean housemate” who can’t divide the household tasks. Before your child departs for college, instil the fundamentals of cleanliness in him or her, as these will quickly become part of a bigger set of life skills that will assist your child in the future.


4. Load up on them

As your youngster attempts to cram the next several years of his life into two lousy bags, packing might be an emotional experience for him. Overpacking is always a possibility. Is it really important to carry that teddy animal from your childhood? Or how about ten pairs of shoes? Take the time to assist them in sorting through their belongings. If you need to relocate furniture to your child’s new home, you can always contact expert movers from Kaodim to make the procedure go more smoothly.


5. Encourage Them To Learn An Extra Language

Having a second language is quite beneficial. People who can communicate in more than one language have a better chance of finding work, according to studies. Needless to mention, knowing Mandarin, French, Japanese, or Korean proficiently will get your child extra brownie points, as these languages are in high demand these days. Send a request for language coaching to Kaodim if you’re interested.


6. Teach Them How To Manage Their Money

Most parents fail to teach their children about money management, although it is one of the most important things they should learn before starting college. First and foremost, your child has to be taught how to make suitable budgets and the dangers of being too loose with their spending.


7. Make a Family Vacation Arrangement

It’s easy to become entangled in the arduous tasks of packing, relocating, and collecting last-minute goods for your child’s new college life. But don’t overlook the importance of spending quality time together. If you have the opportunity to take a family vacation, do so. Family vacations are an excellent opportunity for everyone to unwind and prepare for the sad goodbye that will follow.


8. Purchase a thoughtful farewell present

Everyone enjoys receiving presents. A considerate present from you will be much appreciated by your child. Get your youngster something useful, such as a stylish jacket or a new pair of shoes that he or she has been admiring for a while.


9. Plan An Awesome Farewell Party

Throw a fantastic farewell party for your child and use this chance to bring the entire family together. Gather your family and close friends to commemorate this sorrowful event, and don’t forget to photograph these priceless moments. When your child is far away from home, he or she will always have this particular occasion to dwell on. Kaodim can help you with cuisine, photography, videography, and canopy rentals for your party.




10. Tell them you love them ten times.

Finally, don’t forget to say the three magical words: “I love you.” Let your child know that he or she is always loved and cherished, and that you will always be there to support him or her even if you can’t be there physically. Gifts and good teachings will go a long way, but nothing compares to a parent’s heartfelt words of devotion.


So, before you send your child off to college, make sure you go through the checklist above to make sure he or she is ready for the huge journey ahead. We realise that putting your child into a new environment — one where you may not be able to oversee them — can be difficult, but with time, everything will become easier. You made it through their adolescent years, and you’ll make it through their college years as well.


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