4 Ways Tutors can Make an Extra Income

how Tutors can Make an Extra Income

Being a tutor is an amazing way to make some extra income. The best thing about tutors is that they can work in the comfort of their own home and make an extra income without relying on the stock market or getting a new job. This means you can make money when you want to, wherever you are and without leaving your family behind.

1. Tutor Students on Your Own with Your Specialty

If you have a special skill that is in demand, like web design or coding, you can tutor students in your specialized field.

This may be the best way for tutors to earn extra money on their own because technical skills are very lucrative. Most clients are going to pay a premium for these types of skills because they know how valuable it is to learn them. If you can make money by doing something that you love and enjoy, then this is the best way to achieve your goals as a tutor.

However, online tutoring students on your own with your specialty does come with some challenges. You will need to find paying clients and will have to market yourself more than if you were working for an agency. But once you get going, it’s easy to work!

2. Teach English as a Second Language to Students

I’m not being flippant when I say teaching ESL is one of the easiest ways to make an extra income. It’s probably the easiest way for most tutors to pick up more work. If you’re a tutor, chances are high that your students speak English as a second language; this means you can charge them for tutoring in addition to whatever it is you normally teach them.

How much should you charge? Depends on where the student is from and what their level of English is. Generally speaking, if they’re at all interested in working to improve their English, they’ll be willing to pay top dollar—especially if they want help getting into an American university or college.

Where do you find ESL students? Your “regular” students are good places to start! You may already have some there waiting in plain sight not just for tutoring but also for actual ESL lessons.

3. Provide Homework Help to Students

Homework help is pretty simple. If your students are struggling with something on their homework, homework help can be a great way for you to show them how to solve the problem or provide guidance on how they can figure it out on their own.

You can provide this service by doing a few things:

  • You can have your student submit a picture of their homework or assignment through the mobile app, and then you can respond with feedback and advice.
  • You can also use Skype or other video chat services to record yourself explaining math problems and send it to the student, so they’ll have the video on hand whenever they want to watch it again.
  • If you’re working with younger students, you may even consider creating worksheets that will help them learn certain concepts. And if you want to go all out, consider using a whiteboard animation tool like Animaker to create short videos about grammar rules, math practices, and more! These are all great ways for you to provide homework help in between lessons, which means your students will get that extra bit of attention at no extra cost from their parents! The best part is that when students see that you’re making an effort in between lessons (and not just wanting more money), they’ll be more motivated during your sessions together—which means they’re getting more value from each lesson!

4. Tutor Students Online

You can also use a service like Preply to tutor students online. With Preply, you can set your schedule and choose the students you want to tutor. The site handles the marketing and payments so that you can focus on tutoring and nothing else. Students rate the tutors on a five-star scale, so you have an idea of who is offering the best quality lessons.

There are many different ways that tutors can make money beyond simply tutoring students in person.

There are many different ways that tutors can make money beyond simply tutoring students in person. Tutors can earn money online by creating websites and social media pages that allow them to reach a larger audience of potential clients. Tutors can also create materials such as books or flashcards, which they can sell to students and parents looking for additional practice or reference materials.

Tutors can also monetize their skills by making videos, audio files, and other teaching aids that they can sell to students who may not have the time or resources to meet with a tutor in person. This is especially beneficial if you live in a rural area where it would be difficult for students to travel long distances just to receive instruction from you!

What are the qualities of an online tutor?


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