6 Reasons Why a Personal Tutor is Better Than your Classroom Teacher: Benefits of getting a tutor

benefits of getting a tutor

The benefits of getting a tutor are so much more than taking a class because choosing a subject online is only available through a tutor. This blog would be more likely to be used to persuade the readers in an attempt to convince them that getting a tutor is better than taking classes for the subject in school.

1. Personal attention. The first benefit of getting a tutor

Why a Personal Tutor is Better Than your Classroom Teacher : Benefits of Getting a Tutor

Classroom teachers have to give their students equal attention. They may have a few minutes at the end of each class, or in-between classes, but there is only so much time in the day and they can only help so many kids. Also, things get jammed in with other subjects and whatever homework needs to be done.

This isn’t true for tutors who are one-on-one with you. Personal attention means they can answer your questions when they first come up. If you’re struggling with something during class, it’s not likely that your teacher will be able to slow down enough to talk about it until after school or the next day. But when you’re working with a tutor, he or she can pause everything else and address exactly what’s on your mind right then and there!

One major benefit of getting a tutor and having someone dedicated to helping you is that they know how you learn best! This kind of custom instruction can help ensure that things stick more easily than what would happen in an average classroom setting where the lesson plan pretty much stays the same no matter which student is involved. Those lessons don’t always work perfectly for every kid, but a personal tutor will make sure that learning happens in ways that work best for how you think!

2. A tutor can cover a lot of ground in a short time.

Anyone can learn a subject on their own, but having a tutor means that you can cover more ground in less time. Not only does this mean that you’ll be able to finish your work faster—or potentially get extra homework help—but having an expert on hand when some new material comes up can make it much easier to understand. You might have already learned how to solve quadratic equations in high school, but if they’re brought up in a statistics class, getting the same information from your teacher may not go as smoothly or quickly as it otherwise could. In other words, even brilliant minds and teachers like yourself sometimes get hit with a tricky question and need some help answering it.

If you find yourself struggling with something new, there’s no reason to worry or feel like you’re wasting time. A tutor will be able to take what you don’t know and provide an opportunity for you to ask questions until it makes sense. Just because one part of the lesson didn’t click for you doesn’t mean that the rest of it is useless or pointless; a personal tutor can put all of the pieces together until everything clicks into place, which is invaluable at every stage of learning anything new!

3. You get to choose the pace and focus. The main benefit of getting a tutor

Now that school’s almost out for the year, it’s a good time to start thinking about what your summer plans are. But as you’re probably aware, every year some kids have to go back to their classes after having taken a break.

So what’s the difference between those classes and a tutor?

While I’m probably not qualified to answer this question better than my teacher does in his own words, here’s one thing that always makes me think a student-tutor relationship is better than having a classroom teacher: There’s no limit to the types of questions you get asked when you’re with your tutor. It can be anything from “Hey, how are things going at school?”, to “hey dude—do you need help with math?”, and everything in between. There will always be more questions than answers; it’ll never feel like an interrogative session with your teacher. And of course, it could even be just one simple question: “Do you want me to come over and help you with homework?”

4. You get to ask questions without holding the class back.

You, lucky student reader, should immediately begin looking for a private tutor (or a class) to give yourself the best chance at academic success. Why?

You get to ask questions without holding up the class. If you’ve ever had a question about something in class but didn’t feel like being that kid who interrupts your teacher to ask something during lesson time, you know it can be hard to find an appropriate moment to ask your question. With one-on-one tutoring or at least private instruction, you don’t have to worry about this because you’re not holding up anyone else’s learning process—you can take as much time as necessary and won’t be reprimanded for it.

With one-on-one tutoring or at least private instruction, you don’t have to worry about this because you’re not holding up anyone else’s learning process—you can take as much time as necessary and won’t be reprimanded for it.

You get all the questions answered. Ever wish there was someone there with an answer every time you need help? A personal tutor will be there whenever you need them—they want their students to do well just as much as they want their students to learn from them. Asking questions is essential for your education and is never considered a burden by the person giving the lesson.

Tutors are affordable and convenient! The cost of getting a tutor varies wildly depending on where you live, but in many cases, tutors will be significantly cheaper than classes offered through schools or local community centers (especially if those classes are in subjects that aren’t required). Even comparing private lessons with public ones offered by major companies like Sylvan Learning Center or Kaplan Inc., having someone come directly to your house will save money while also increasing convenience by eliminating travel costs and extra planning involved when going somewhere other than your home base.

5. What you learn will stick with you longer.

If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time in class and some time at home taking tests. As I’ve said before, the best way to study for those tests is to go to the library and do research. It’s easy to get distracted when you’re at home or in class so your studies must be backed up with independent work outside of school. This goes for almost any subject.

Now there are times when it might be better to ask someone else to help you learn something new as well. Sometimes a virtual tutor will be just what you need. What’s great about having a tutor is that they can help you one-on-one and make sure that everything is right before sending it back to you in an electronic format.

I know we’ve talked about paper lanterns before but trust me when I say notebooks are NOT the right choice when trying to learn something new! I promise it won’t hurt your grade if your teacher sees these things around instead of paper lanterns! Keep Learning!

6. A tutor can help your grades skyrocket.

When your teacher tells you to study for a test, it’s not always clear what studying is supposed to look like. Simply asking them is sometimes just as confusing, because they may have their subjective methods that don’t relate to yours.

Asking your parents for help may be nearly as cumbersome; the idea of giving direct answers about the course material might seem counterintuitive. The problem isn’t that either of these people is inherently bad teachers or mentors—it’s that they’re trying to educate an entire class simultaneously.

A tutor has the benefit of being able to give you one-on-one attention and instruction based on your specific needs and desired outcomes, whether they be improving test performance or understanding concepts so you can learn independently.

When students with poor grades start getting tutoring from reliable sources, their average grade point averages increase significantly. That means you could go from a B-minus student without a tutor to an A+ student with one! With a tutor helping out with every aspect of your education, who wouldn’t want to go from Cs and Ds all around to As in every class?

There are many benefits of getting a tutor which helps with your kid’s education isn’t easy. You need a tutor who is smart, reliable, and flexible. Families come to us because they know they can trust our extensive network of tutors. TigerCampus gives you easy access to local and online tutors, a platform not just for finding them but also for keeping in touch with them, and scheduling lessons that meet your schedule – even when you’re in a different time zone! So, don’t hesitate; to find out how TigerCampus can help with home and online tutoring for your kid today. Start with a free trial!


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