Contrast between Public and Private Schools In Malaysia

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The debate between private and public educational institutions will never end. Both are significant in their fields. In both cases, the institutes have a lot to do with nurturing and reproducing Malaysia’s Is it correct that many people believe private schools are superior to public schools?

The core difference between public and private schools is in finance and administration. Government schools are run and supported by the local, state, or federal government, whereas private schools are run and funded by a private group.

Unlike public schools, which are subject to the influence of the government, private schools are largely independent. Other notable distinctions between public and private schools can be seen based on these two fundamental variances.

What are public schools?

Government schools are free elementary or secondary schools for all children. Local, state, or federal governments fund and manage these schools.

Government schools are funded entirely or partially by taxes, and the curriculum is set at the state or national level.

The government also manages admissions and testing. The student’s address determines admission to public school. Schools must accept students from their geographical zone.

While technology and other amenities vary by school, public schools often have less than private schools. Government schools also have more students than private schools, and class sizes might be large due to lack of infrastructure.

However, public schools always hire highly skilled teachers. To work in a public school, teachers must complete all statutory criteria and be knowledgeable in their topic.

What are private schools?

The government does not support or manage private schools. They are privately owned and partially or fully sponsored by students’ tuition. Private school expenses are frequently higher.

However, compared to public schools, private schools usually have greater infrastructure and technology.

Private schools use the same curriculum as public schools, but the school board decides how to deliver it. The school administration will also set admission costs and prerequisites. They decide whether a student fits the admission requirements.

This also applies to teacher recruiting. In this instance, a private school instructor may not be qualified to teach in a public school. A classroom has fewer students than a public school. This is mostly related to resource and facility availability.


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