Developing your child’s vocabulary: some pointers

english vocabulary fast effectively

A large vocabulary aids in the development of comprehension, communication, and reading abilities.

Adjectives, verbs, and other parts of grammar will be required as children advance through school. Vocabulary development is an important life skill that students should cultivate in addition to their academic achievements.

Adults teach children a lot, and there are various ways to teach your child new words. Here are some exercises to help your youngster learn new words and enhance their vocabulary.

Encourage your youngster to look up new words in a dictionary to learn their meaning. A thesaurus will also help kids find words with numerous meanings.

  1. Take your child to different places and talk about them to help them practice utilizing these new words in sentences.

  2. While reading, ask your kid to describe the visuals and words they hear.

  3. Encourage them to use the term in a sentence by playing Scrabble or crossword puzzles.

  4. Label household things with post-it notes to introduce young toddlers to a variety of terms.

  5. Include a new word every day in your child’s conversations.

  6. Promote frequent and independent reading amongst your children.

We want every kid to develop a lifelong passion for reading and learning through our English curriculum. Students from age two to older develop skills in reading, word recognition, comprehension, and complicated text critique. This course introduces students to both fiction and non-fiction texts, extending their understanding of the world and introducing them to new areas of interest.


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