Help Your Child Study Effectively

Even while your child may like attending school and completing their homework every night, this may not always result in the academic improvements and grades you and your child desire. Therefore, rather than making their kids do additional revision work, parents can assist their kids to learn by teaching them efficient study habits.

The perfect combination of attitude, habits, hard work and effort leads to success in the classroom. Strong study habits are crucial, but they have largely learned behaviors. Effective study skills are simpler to master than the majority of students and parents think they are. These skills include controlling emotions, putting distractions aside, and making a study plan.


So how can you, as a parent, support your child’s academic performance and effective study habits? Here are three pointers to get you going:


Maximize your time in class

Tell your child to pay attention in all of their classes, whether they are in school or at a tutoring facility. It is crucial to pay great attention to the classes and take notes because these will serve as a helpful reference before the exams. When your child has questions or concerns in class, encourage them to speak up and get out of their comfort zone. Did you know that taking notes on paper rather than using smart device results in improved retention? As a result, your child will be able to digest the information being taught in class and retain what they have learned. Research has shown that writing down notes by hand was more accurate and provided more clear responses to the questions. Active reading techniques like underlining important ideas and passages in a text might help your youngster retain information.


Prior to memorization, understand the fundamentals.

While memorization aids in knowledge acquisition, without a thorough grasp of the content, your child will not gain anything. For instance, even if your youngster remembers the formulae for a math test, they won’t know how to apply them when the time comes. Understanding is crucial in this situation. Your youngster can apply the information they have memorized to the test questions if they understand it. Understanding and memorization go hand in hand; if your child understands how to utilize the formula but cannot recall it, they may become stuck on the question. Therefore, having a concept understood rather than memorization can provide your child the knowledge and assurance they need to ace the test questions.


Make Advance Plans To Prevent Last-Minute Rushing

Teach your kids the value of preparation rather than cramming all their stuff the week before an exam. For instance, rather than studying all ten topics at once, ask students to divide the topics for review if they will be assessed on ten different subjects. It is better for long-term retention to study briefly on each subject each day than to study in-depth on a single day. So that they may spread out their practice throughout the many disciplines, you should assist your child set up a study timetable. To ensure focus and productivity over the long term, you should encourage your child to take regular breaks in addition to studying.


Learn To Learn Like A Pro With TigerCampus

Every child experiences tension or anxiety around exam time. Therefore, it’s crucial to maintain your composure.  A variety of courses are available from TigerCampus to support your child’s academic and personal growth. For instance,  upper primary pupils can benefit from taking A-level classes. Every student will be exposed to all of our exclusive learning methods in this course, giving them the knowledge and outlook necessary to thrive academically and beyond. To better comprehend and master subject-specific knowledge, students taking the IGCSE examinations this year or the one after may want to consider enrolling in our IGCSE Programme.


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