How Can I Make My Study Area More Productive?


Maintaining a well-organized study room is vitally essential for academic success. In turn, this generates a favourable learning environment, which ensures that information is efficiently internalised. A study environment can be constructed anywhere, including the home or the outdoors. It doesn’t matter where one is as long as one is in an environment that they are comfortable with.

Some students who choose online tutoring prefer to have a well-organized learning environment at home. Since the pandemic began, learning has been done at home. Many students are considering altering their study desk and work space to be more productive.

#1 How To Organize Your Study Area?

COMFORT The most important item to consider is study desk ergonomics. If you want to sit for lengthy periods of time, you should invest in a comfortable workstation, chair, and wrist rests.

The table top should be aligned with your ribs, and the laptop or external monitor should be aligned with your eyesight. Shoulders should never be hunched while studying since this practise can cause severe shoulder and back pain.

# 2 Book Storage

Instead of removing books off the shelf one by one, it would be far more efficient to arrange them in an order that you are familiar with.

Some arrange their books alphabetically, while others arrange them by size. Some may even arrange it by the cover colour of the books. So, arrange your books in a way that makes it easy to get the book you need when you need it.

Organizing files on your laptop is also vital. You won’t have to sift through tonnes of files to find your important articles or textbooks!

#3 Clean Up Your Space

It’s vital to clean your workstation after each session. Returning to an untidy table after a study break is not as study-friendly. A clean workspace encourages study and reduces unwillingness to learn.


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