How to handle children’s distractions?

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Distractions for New Gen include a shorter attention span as a result of technological advancements. Their attention spans are less than those of their elder brothers and classmates. This generation of screenagers grew up with screens as pacifiers, entertainment, and educational aids.

Previous generations spent days reading novels, whereas today’s generation sees flicks or reels in under a minute. With each generation, attention span decreases, resulting in distractions. Generation Alpha is accustomed to swiping or flipping past things that do not pique their interest. Saturation may result in shorter attention spans, higher digital literacy, and poor social formation.

You can use the following methods to get your kids to concentrate on what they’re doing right now:

Establish a routine for your child

When children with attention deficits are not on a steady schedule, they become much more distracted and off task.

Make a plan

To assist kids in organising their work, a notebook with three parts labelled “Work to be Completed,” “Work Completed,” and “Work to be Saved” may be utilised. Color-coding notebooks for different subjects can also aid with organisation.

Remove visual distracting elements

When a youngster is working on a tough assignment, clutter in the classroom or on the desk can make it difficult for him or her to keep his or her mind where it needs to be. Remove any superfluous visual experiences and clutter from the workspace. This reduces the child’s reasons for not concentrating on the work at hand.

Try memory games

Memory games are a pleasant approach for kids to train their focus so they can concentrate when faced with a difficult situation. A simple game like red-light-green-light, I-Spy, or Simon Says forces a child to focus. Memory matching cards or the game concentration can also be used to improve attention.

Divide tasks into manageable chunks

Allow the youngster to concentrate long enough to complete a portion of the activity, then take a break before returning to the project to complete it. Children that struggle with attention may be able to complete the specified job faster using this method than if they simply tried to finish it all in one sitting.

Try practising mindfulness

Mindfulness exercises need you to pay attention and focus. Mindfulness has been found in studies to assist children improve their behaviour and capacity to focus on lessons and assignment

Allow Time to Relax

Many children with attention deficits have difficulty falling asleep at night. It is beneficial for children to have a set schedule for going to bed at night. They could, for example, read a book or have a book read to them.




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