In Malaysia, holistic educational opportunities are needed

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Over time, our understanding of child development and educational methods evolved. The alternative to reforming our current educational system is a holistic approach. Personalized schooling is preferred by parents today. The term “21st Century Education” has become very popular.

To memorise material, pass placement examinations, and then forget it. This is because public schools are supervised by the state and have rigid curricula to follow. So more parents send their kids to international schools.

Holistic Education’s Advantages

  • Holistic education engages children and makes learning fun. This approach emphasises both play-based and academic learning. Making learning fun for kids helps them learn a subject thoroughly. The ability to “think outside the box” rather than the traditional didactic method and exam-based evaluation will make school more enjoyable for kids.
  • Enriching children’s emotional, social, psychological, creative, and spiritual development is a key component of holistic education. Creating well-rounded persons is also a priority. It also promotes youngsters to be curious, inquisitive, and ultimately creative persons since they enjoy learning and challenging themselves. Holistic education helps pupils connect disparate subjects.

  • To learn at their own pace, youngsters gain from holistic education. School-based and extracurricular activities can also help youngsters build self-esteem. A comprehensive education prepares your child for the modern world by teaching problem-solving skills, building endurance, valuing relationships, and maximising talents.

  • Humanistic lectures are part of the Cambridge IGCSE course. Good manners and honesty are taught throughout their curriculum. In a compassionate learning atmosphere, the school emphasises moral values.

  • An entrepreneurial programme is included in several schools’ curricula. In addition to selling candies, their children are taught how to transform their ideas and passions into profitable businesses. It allows students to obtain practical experience and learn new skills from entrepreneurs.


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