What you can do to get your kids excited about schooling?


Getting As is not the only goal of learning; becoming resourceful, gaining knowledge and insight, and enriching our life via the knowledge we receive are all important goals.

Unfortunately, many parents and teachers in Malaysia have developed a habit of being too concerned with results, forsaking the pleasure of learning in the process. However, it is a truth that pupils who achieve outstanding grades are more likely to be accepted into good colleges, opening the door for a brighter future.

So, can we get the best of the two now by encouraging kids to enjoy learning while also ensuring that they get their A’s when the time comes?

As educators, we should do everything we can to encourage students to enjoy learning for the sake of gaining information rather than for the sake of receiving straight A’s on tests. What kind of education do children receive when they are young that can have a significant impact on their success in adulthood? After all, if a child enjoys learning, the A’s will follow. Knowledge is the only thing that can’t be stolen from a child that enjoys learning, so they’ll always be looking to expand their knowledge base.

So, how can we get kids to want to learn? Here are five suggestions for motivating your children to learn today:

1) Make learning exciting and innovative

To excite the child’s intellect, use instructional materials that are vivid, appealing, and engaging, with many images. Because each child learns in his or her own unique way, the greatest type of instruction is one that incorporates the three basic learning styles: kinesthetic, visual, and audio. Touch, sight, and hearing should be used to help children learn more efficiently.

2) Educate children in a variety of ways

Engage your pupils by assigning them team-based projects after presenting the theoretical aspects of the subject matter. Recreational activities, in particular, are a fantastic way to engage the senses of a child. As a result, learning will no longer be dreaded but instead looked forward to on a daily basis as something exciting.

3) Teach children to be more aware of their surroundings

Consider selecting themes that will boost global perspectives while also improving math and language skills. Enrich their resourcefulness so they don’t need to be spoon-fed all the time. Be awestruck by the wonders of the world around you and allow them to learn about it.

4) Turn learning into a two-way street

Teachers in Malaysia are all too experienced with the sound of chirping when they ask a question in the classroom. Encourage the kids to speak up and participate in class by letting them speak and constantly thinking. Initially, be patient and persistent until they respond. They’ll soon become accustomed to responding in class.

We hope you've found these suggestions to be useful. Now is the time to make learning enjoyable and relevant for children!


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