Inspiration For a Growth Mindset Among Students in Malaysia


Do you believe you can achieve anything in life, or will you quit up when the going gets tough? Depending on how you respond, you will learn whether you have a fixed or growth attitude.


Carol Dweck and her team studied students’ attitudes about failure over 30 years ago. Their research showed that pupils have either a fixed or development attitude when it comes to achievement.

A fixed mindset is the belief that talent or intelligence will not change no matter how hard you study or progress. They avoid taking risks and opportunities because they fear failure.

A growth mindset thinks that skills can be improved and talent can expand through hard effort, practise, and dedication! They think results come from work and see setbacks as opportunities to progress.

This frame of mind can make a significant difference in your child’s schooling!


The difference is that pupils with a growth attitude stay continuing even when the work is hard and persistent.

Students who have a growth mindset in arithmetic, for example, feel they can improve with effort and are more likely to do well in the subject. Those with fixed mindsets believe some people are born with higher math ability than others.

Other advantages:

  • A lifelong curiosity
  • Career advancement
  • Outside the classroom self-development


We can change our thoughts! It is possible. Here are some techniques to unlearn a locked mindset at home:

  1. Exemplify Avoid negative self-talk around children when starting a new activity or task.
  2. Praise effort over innate abilities. More information can be found here.
  3. Encourage your child to take the backroads. There is an easy way to do everything, but that is not growth! Accepting difficulties and failing is critical.
  4. Apply it to social relationships and extracurricular activities.
  5. Discourage peer comparison. Lessons from the successful should be taught instead.
  6. Mindsets can change.
  7. Examine any potential triggers, implement the following tactics, and watch how a development mindset can help!


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