Today’s Students’ Needs!

Need of Todays Students

Change is the only constant in life,  remarked the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, and how aptly it applies to the changing requirements of students every generation is something to pause and reflect on. Only once we comprehend this foundation can we, as parents, teachers, and education enablers, discover a solution. We need to grasp this thoroughly and determine the underlying causes of these changes from a critical standpoint. Given that you cannot measure the preciseness of these revolutionary moments, you must assess the nature of the underlying rationale underpinning these changes!

Given the old education system that we presently use, the twenty-first century has brought its own set of issues. There is a mismatch between what we offer children for learning opportunities and what we should be providing them for holistic development in order for them to flourish in these new-age occupations in the future. There is a significant disconnect. The fact that actual job paths have shifted dramatically in the previous few years gives you an idea of how volatile the market will be in the next years. We, as education enablers, must learn from this experience and develop abilities in our GenZ children to accept, analyze, adapt, and flourish on them with the support of their skill set. Human stiffness must be turned into malleability so that children can mold themselves to what is expected of them in their new-age vocations. This must be ingrained in their overall attitude.


As a result, we arrive at the topic of skill development. If you look back over the last few years, you will notice that some abilities have become obsolete while others have emerged. Because these are relatively new, there is a high demand for them, and the population that can give these abilities is very small. As a result, we must update the abilities we want to teach children as they grow in order for them to be relevant in the new environment. Concentrating solely on academic topic knowledge, concepts, and theories is no longer sufficient. Children must have a firmer foundation in order to comprehend the application base and theoretical knowledge of the subject matter. Additionally, acquiring neo-subjects to improve Creativity, Logic, Critical Thinking, Digital Literacy, Communication, Technology, Innovation, Social skills, and so on should be prioritized. This improves their IQ, CQ, and EQ, all of which are necessary for success in today’s environment. As a result, pupils are being prepared for new-world occupations!


Given that our education system has been unchanged for decades, resulting in a gap between what is required for new-world success and our children’s talents, we must bridge the gap created by traditional schooling. You, as a parent, must take charge and seek for unconventional solutions to enable our generation, the next generation of children, to keep up with the rapid pace of future breakthroughs.


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