Top 5 Reasons Why Online Tuition Is Here To Stay In Malaysia

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Online tuition was once frowned upon by many parents, teachers, and even students as being ineffective and not efficient as a learning environment in Malaysia.
Well, thanks (no thanks) to the 2020 COVID pandemic that completely changed not just the way we live, but the way we learn. We have no choice but to opt for online learning or tuition to stay safe.

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Online learning has finally taken the spotlight after all these years when we are left with the safest option to avoid being infected by the virus. With better internet speed, better tools such as Zoom video conferencing app, or even the old school Skype and online materials, online tuition has come a long way to be more relevant and present itself as a contender to face-to-face learning.

Thank goodness, that the days of hiring the teenager down the street to tutor your kid are seemingly long gone.
With the help of the internet, you can easily find online tutoring websites, centers, or even freelancer tutors to help your child.

Now, the stakes are high. We know that online tutoring won’t be as good as face-to-face learning.
So, how do you know if online tuition is here to stay in Malaysia?


Below are our top 5 reasons why online tuition is here to stay in Malaysia:


  1. Save time lah of course! More convenient

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    As a parent or a student, we know the frustration of getting stuck in a traffic jam especially during rush hour.
    We have to admit that in Malaysia, we sometimes need to travel a certain distance to get what we want.
    If your child has a busy after-school schedule, it may be easier to schedule online tuition around it than in-person tuition as the need to travel to a specific location is not needed.

  2. There Are Definitely More Tutors To Choose From

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    You won’t have any geographical constraints, which broadens your universe of possible tutors.
    If you happen to need a specific type of person—let’s say you want a highly experienced, UPSR, PT3, SPM, IGCSE math tutor with skills to make the best nasi lemak in town —you’ll have better luck with the larger selection of online tutors.

  3. You Can Record The Lesson And Store Notes Digitally

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    It is definitely easier to record with online tutoring with just a click of a button. Imagine the trouble to set up the proper logistics in order for you to record a lesson if it was in-person tuition.
    These days, online apps and services permit users to record, save, and access information at a later date.

  4. Emergency Classes Or Homework Help Can Be Scheduled Instantly

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    If you suddenly become aware that your child is unprepared for an upcoming test, or if he needs help in a homework assignment at school, an online tutor might save the day. While in-person tuition may be helpful for long-term relationships with students, online tutors can quickly, conveniently log in and clear up a specific issue your child has.
  5. To Avoid Being Infected Of Course

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    This is a no brainer for many. The year 2020 has brought many challenges in not just meeting friends, but also our teachers. With the strict social distancing rules, online tuition is definitely one of the ways to avoid being infected by the virus. Stay home, stay safe. In fact, both parties would appreciate not to meet in-person for a tuition session or lesson because of the pandemic.

So here it is folks, this is why online tuition is still here to stay even after this dreadful pandemic. However, if your child is struggling across the board in all of his subjects, TigerCampus Malaysia is here to help with our wide range of selected online tutors (home tutors are available as well) for your child’s needs. What makes us different than another private tuition agent is that we have control of our tutors teaching methodologies, schedule, and tools, which makes us popular among parents and students in Malaysia.

Anyways, give online tuition a try and it might change your mind for the better. The only way to know which is best for your child is to try all options. Good luck!

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