Truth Behind The Most Common IGCSE Mistruths

There are various strategies that can help a student stay motivated even though the IGCSE and its tests can undoubtedly be challenging for many students. Exams are sometimes made to seem more terrifying by schools, and while it is necessary to maintain attention, it is far more crucial to remember one’s own wellbeing during the exam period.


Numerous tales concerning the IGCSE frequently appear online since the tests are taken by so many kids each year. Jumping into student chat groups may just cause tension rather than supply any beneficial information, despite the fact that some may offer accurate and useful exam material. This is partially due to the fact that it creates an inaccurate idea of what the tests are like. Consequently, a list of the most typical IGCSE myths is provided below, along with an explanation of why they are unfounded.

1. The “Holy” IGCSE Misconception


Teachers frequently extol the virtues of the IGCSE and how much they matter. As a result, many students mistakenly believe that their performance on the tests would determine whether they succeed in future academic endeavors, employment prospects, and other facets of their lives. This assumption is completely false.


The IGCSEs truly represent a significant turning point in a student’s academic career. They won’t have a huge impact on their profession, but they are not an absolute gauge of how valuable their life is. It is understandable that not all tests will go as planned given the stress of having to take so many of them. There are still several options available to you if your grades turn out to be below expectations or if you fall just short of a passing grade. For instance, students have the choice of taking their exams again or selecting the IGCSE Core option.


Overall, the greatest strategy for the IGCSE will always be to approach it as a challenge. Work hard to achieve your goals while remembering that the IGCSE can be viewed as a warm-up for future diploma exams. The importance of the IGCSEs will increase dramatically if you intend to leave after grade 10. But even if the IGCSEs don’t go as planned, keep in mind that you can always start again or repeat the tests. IGCSEs are not the be-all and end-all, to put it briefly.


2. Students Will Not Have The Privilege of Maintaining A Social Life


School life has various challenges for students. The stress of having to take the IGCSE is exacerbated by the need to balance extensive study sessions, a social life, and extracurricular activities. It also doesn’t help to chat with pals who appear to be having a good time in 10th grade. Therefore, having a social life for IGCSE students seems like a distant dream, especially when they struggle to stay focused and keep up with their schoolwork. The situation does not need to be this way, though.


Many unintentional grade 9 students are misled into thinking that maintaining a social life while taking IGCSEs is nearly impossible because of the relentless promotion of IGCSEs. Due to the hard nature of the curriculum, it is essential that students whenever possible take the opportunity to unwind and temporarily forget about the outside world. Give yourself a breather and spend some time with friends or family if you discover that working through math or physics calculations for hours has left you with a spinning head. Breaks are essential for success, and most importantly, realize that life is far broader than IGCSEs. Exams are obviously necessary, but self-care is much more crucial. As a result, balance your social and academic lives and take breaks from the books as needed.


3. The IGCSE is quite challenging


Exams are unquestionably essential, but the IGCSEs are not an immovable barrier that is intended to cause you to fail. Many kids enroll in the IGCSE under the false impression that exams are extremely difficult and that getting high marks is impossible. Actually, only students who don’t study hard for their exams find the IGCSE challenging. You will probably finish your IGCSE revisions months before the tests if you give your weaker areas the attention they need. By doing this, you can better look after your health and come to the realization that the hoopla around the IGCSE’s difficulty is not really all that intense.




The IGCSE’s reputation as a rigorous curriculum is not unjustified, but many people exaggerate it. It is only normal for students to have misunderstandings about it given its demanding character and goal of preparing students for the following chapter of their academic career. However, as was previously mentioned, it is not the case, and the IGCSE should not be viewed as scary as others have.


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