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In-class and online formative evaluation have been shown to improve student learning.

One of the most successful strategies to promote student learning is to use formative assessments to measure comprehension and provide feedback and help. However, because of the pressure to cover a lot of material and develop a lot of abilities, teachers may not spend enough time checking to see if students comprehend a concept or can apply a skill successfully, and if they don’t, they may not work out how to expand their knowledge base.

Fortunately, teachers have access to a variety of time-saving formative assessment strategies that may be used to quickly test their students’ level of comprehension.

The outcomes of these checks should not be evaluated because the goal of formative assessment is to improve teaching and learning, not to assess learning. Remember that mistakes are expected and are not judged.


Use a specific hand signal to express how confident pupils are in their comprehension of an idea or principle.

Consider the following scenario:

Thumbs up: I comprehend and am able to articulate it in my own words.

Wiggle hand: I’m not entirely sure what it is, and I’m not confident in my ability to describe it.

Thumbs down: I’m still trying to figure out and I’m not sure how to convey it.

Students can use emoticons or video to indicate their level of comprehension in virtual learning settings.


In order to facilitate learning, visual representations such as graphic organisers and idea maps are frequently employed, and they can also be used as formative evaluation tools. Students should produce a visual or symbolic representation of information and abstract concepts  and then be equipped to explain their graphic. Visualization tools are particularly beneficial for determining if students comprehend the relationship between multiple concepts or aspects of a process.

Visuals can be posted on a Google presentation or a Pinterest board, as well as on Jamboard and Whiteboard, in virtual learning environments (VLEs).


You can use troubleshooting as one of the most effective and efficient quick checks for comprehension. Students should be exposed to a popular misconception or a frequently occurring procedural error.

Check and see whether they can:

Recognize the shortcoming or error and fix it (even better)

It should be corrected.


Students regularly summarising what they are studying might not be an effective method of assisting them in increasing learning and recall of new material, but it can also provide instructors with valuable insight into whether or not students are truly grasping important ideas as well.

As an illustration of this technique, consider the following:

Just use an app on a smartphone or tablet, create a one-minute podcast or vodcast to summarise the core themes from one or more lessons.


When students can apply their knowledge in new situations, they have understood. Therefore, one of the most effective ways to determine whether students have grasped the material is to see if they can apply it in a somewhat unfamiliar context. Students are asked to come up with or come up with fresh and unique examples to demonstrate a newly acquired concept using this method.


A more advanced method encourages students to use analogies or metaphors to explain a newly acquired concept or skill. If a student understands the concept but cannot generate an appropriate analogy, the student may not understand the concept. Inviting students to elaborate on their analogies will provide you with meaningful input into their understanding of the concepts.

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