IGCSE Preparation #5: Writing Better English IGCSE Essays

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Writing is one of the abilities examined in IGCSE English paper. Although the writing exam might be less scary than the listening and speaking tests, it still requires preparation to ace the IGCSE.

Then how do you study for a writing test?

How Can I Write a Better Essay for an Exam?
Before the date of the writing exam, you should already be ready to do well on it. Writing is a skill that takes time to develop. You don’t learn it right away. It takes daily practise to master it. Consider these great study options before your English exam.

#1. || Writing Practice ||

As said previously, writing is a lifelong skill. To improve your writing skills, you must practise.

Practice your writing skills by using former test questions. Using prior exam papers to practise writing will give you an understanding of the exam structure and question kinds.

Try to set the time while you are writing. With more practise, you will find that the time it takes to write an essay will decrease in proportion to the amount of work you put into it. For the IGCSE exam, it is beneficial to practise time management skills.

#2. || Vocabulary Building ||

If you want to create a great essay, you’ll need to expand your vocabulary. Reading and listening to English-related materials is the only way to expand your vocabulary.

English-language films, plays, radio shows, songs and audio podcasts are all available for your listening pleasure. You may also browse English periodicals and newspapers. These resources can assist you in expanding your vocabulary.


#3. || Ask Others To Proofread Your Essay ||

Your essay should be checked by someone else whenever you finish a writing activity. Make changes and improvements to your writing once you’ve identified where you’ve gone wrong. But finding someone to proofread your essay is difficult.

With other kids to attend to, you can’t always count on your English teacher. Also, your parents and friends may not be the best people to proofread your essay.


An English tutor can help here. Hiring a private tutor gives you unlimited attention and the freedom to ask any question. Who is the finest tutor?

It is now easy to get an English tutor thanks to the internet. Find your private tutor on online tutoring platforms like Tiger Campus.

Then select an instructor from the list. Check the tutors’ profiles to find the right one. You can interview the tutor before employing them.

Free consultation always. Discuss your needs, background, and availability with your possible tutor.

Enrich your English writing skills. You can also obtain help preparing for the IGCSE reading and comprehension tests.



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