How to Prepare Your Child for First Grade in Malaysia?


If your child is starting first grade this coming new year, there are a few things you should focus on. In this post by Tiger Campus Malaysia we’ll go through several strategies to practice them at home.

Grade 1 Math Skills

As your child starts first grade, there are some fundamental math principles they need understand in order to succeed in school. Some examples of things they should be aware of are as follows:

  • Counting up the numbers
  • Subtraction and addition
  • Counting

Make sure your child has these talents because they are the cornerstone of kindergarten. The fundamentals will help children transition smoothly into more complex versions of these concepts in first grade. Playing board games is a fun way to practice first grade math skills. It’s enjoyable to practise numbers or counting skills at home without feeling like you’re in summer school. Another method for practicing math skills is to include them in everyday activities such as measuring ingredients when cooking or counting items at the grocery store.

Grade 1 Science Skills

Primary science includes a variety of hands-on activities that help children learn about their surroundings. They should be able to do the following before starting first grade:

  • Learning about their senses and what they do.
  • Having the ability to communicate in order to explain their surroundings.

In order to gather information, you must ask questions. Understanding how to present data in a clear and succinct manner. They surely mastered these abilities in kindergarten, but a refresher at home in the summer before first grade doesn’t hurt. Observe things in your yard, ask questions about a topic they’re interested in, and do sensory exercises with them. These activities will help kids in their first-grade science lessons.

Towards Basic Literacy

Students in the first grade must also have basic literacy skills. Prior to first grade, work with them on the following skills:

  • Recognized letters (upper and lowercase)
  • Understanding the sound of each letter

For instance, The letter ‘A’. They must also be able to read basic three-letter words, count syllables, recognise book parts, and read using picture clues. Making time for reading can help children improve their literacy skills.

According to experts, reading for 20 minutes every day can help children develop literacy skills faster. Set aside time in the afternoon or before night to read together.

Reading aloud is a fantastic way to instil a love of reading in your family.

Apart from reading at home, youngsters can learn the alphabet by tracing letters with their fingers or writing on the sidewalk with chalk.

Grade 1 Social Skills

Although many kindergarteners begin first grade with solid social skills, it never hurts to go over them before school starts. Sharing, self-control, and civility are essential first-grade characteristics that can help your child not only learn better but also make more friends and integrate better into their new class. Playdates with other children their age are one way to practice sharing and politeness. Talk about it and provide them examples to help them practice sharing. Play games with children that demand turn-taking and sharing so that kids will be prepared to handle these situations in real life.

Tutoring can assist your child in transitioning from kindergarten to elementary school. We can assist students in a variety of curriculums in language, math, science, and all in between! Tiger Campus Malaysia can be reached via WhatsApp’s or visit out at out webpage.


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