IGCSE Preparation #4: Tips for Exam Revision Time Management

Final Exam

Students prepare for exams in various ways. Some can adopt new routines to help them study more effectively and pass their tests. Others panic and try to cram as much as possible. Some struggle to adjust and fall behind in their schoolwork.

Here are 10 time management suggestions to help you prepare for your exam revision time:

#1  || Make a weekly and daily plan

Have a calendar of what you need to do for the entire term before the term starts. Make a list of important dates such assignment due dates, national test dates, and school activities.

Once you have a term calendar, make a weekly and daily agenda of all you need to do that day or week. Subjects, deadlines, and notes may be included. Regularly edit your schedule to reflect any tasks, such as assignments or extracurricular events.

Put a check mark next to each item on your schedule that you have completed.

#2  || Prioritize

Examine your to-do list and determine priorities carefully.

Prioritize the urgent and critical chores first, then the significant but not urgent jobs, and last the minor tasks. This will save you time that you may have spent preparing.


#3 || Realism

Make a realistic schedule for your exam revision time. Always take pauses and eat, and just work with what you can finish the next day.

Avoid cramming at the last minute (although these last minute techniques will assist if you are already there).


#4 || Develop excellent study habits

Beyond being practical with your timetable and goals, adopt these efficient study habits to improve your revisions. Have a quiet study location at home and review prior exams or tests to get an idea of how exams can proceed.

You should also plan your tasks based on your work capacity. If you want to finish a chapter in an hour, be sure you know what the chapter is about.

You should also put your favourite subjects at the end of your study hours so you can finish everything even if you are weary of the hard courses.

#5 || Segment long chapters

If you have a heavy chapter to study, break it down into smaller chunks so you can grasp it without memorising it all.

It will also help you recognise essential information in the chapter that you would otherwise miss.

#6 || Focus on the task at hand

When studying at home, it is crucial to avoid distractions that may cause you to delay. Put your phone and computer on quiet so you can concentrate or work in a stimulating environment like a library or with friends.


#7 || Review cards

Rereading books and papers is beneficial but time consuming. Creating study notes with all the crucial information you need to study can save you time and energy. Post-it notes can also be used.

#8 || Have a goal

You will be inspired to try your best if you desire to achieve anything. A goal should be made for you whether you wish to achieve a life goal or merely focus on your schoolwork. A goal will help you focus and motivate you towards your future profession.


#9 || Exercise and Rest

Remember to take breaks and exercise when studying for examinations. This will help you stay fit and focus better. You won’t have the energy to focus and recollect what you just studied if you don’t exercise or rest. Every minute matters when studying.

Teenage girl sleeping resting. good night sleep concept. Girl wearing a pajama sleep on a bed in a white room in the morning. warm tone.

#10 || Use helpful resources

As we always say, try and try until you succeed in all the challenges life throws at you. But, sometimes, you may need some help to get past these obstacles. Don’t be afraid to use helpful resources that will help you with your revisions such as online resources like free exam papers or hiring a tutor to help you to cope with revision.


We can do more!

Tiger Campus’s Individual IGCSE preparation course is completely customizable and flexible. Most of our students desire weekly sessions to be entirely prepared and ahead of their class, but you can come in to work on specific areas where you need help or last-minute worries going up to school exams. Give us a call or  fill in the form if you have any queries. Our consultants will get in touch with you within 24 hours.


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