After-School Questions to Ask Your Child About Their Day

talking about school

If you have ever asked your child about their day and received a “fine” or “ok” response, you know how difficult it can be to encourage youngsters to talk about school. Asking the appropriate questions can help you learn more about your kids. Learn more about stressors in school. 


Students are fatigued after a long day and don’t know where to begin. More detailed questions than “how was your day” help children start talking. Set an example for your youngster.

Kids open up when we first open up to them. So tell them about your day. Share your favourite memories, a sour moment, and your plans for tomorrow.


Even older children benefit from routines. Talking about education should be as routine as eating dinner or cleaning teeth before night. Every day, try to carve out a few minutes.


If your kids don’t react straight away, don’t move on to the following question. Kids often take time to respond or think about their answers, so be patient! Don’t rush the talk.


An open-ended inquiry encourages a longer response and avoids the back and forth of questions and single-word answers. What questions should you ask? Start with these ideas.

  • Inquire About Their Experience

These questions let students reflect on what they learned that day and identify classes they dislike or struggle with.

Is there a subject or topic you’d like to learn more about?

Is there anything you’d like to discuss that I might be able to help you with?

  • Enquire About Classmates

Social connection is an important aspect of cognitive growth. Here’s a social test:

How did your day go at school?

Describe an enjoyable conversation you had with a classmate or friend.

Did you feel mistreated by any of your peers today?

  • Ask About the Good Times

These questions help you learn about daily events. The instructions below can help you understand your child’s emotional state.

Describe a time when you were excited by what you were studying.

Describe a time in class when you were perplexed.

Did you feel frightened or terrified today?

Did you feel proud of yourself at any point during the day?

  • Ask Themselves

Building emotional intelligence today will help establish healthy mental health and well-being at school. These self-awareness prompts ask your child to express how they are feeling, what they are struggling with, and what they are looking forward to in the future.

What excites you about tomorrow?



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