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Let’s face it: we all have trouble focusing on a task from time to time. It’s easy to lose focus and become diverted with modern distractions like telephones, television, and the internet. Distractions are annoying, but they don’t hinder daily accomplishment.

However, focusing on a task every day, or even numerous times a day, might have detrimental implications. For your child’s education!



First, just because your child has trouble focusing in class does not mean they have ADHD or ADD. In actuality, kids have never learnt to focus.

The attention span of your child is important in improving attentiveness. You can tailor your child’s learning style once you know how long they can focus on a job. With a fresh approach of learning designed for your child, you can enjoy learning again!


Experts in child development suggest a youngster’s attention span should be two to three minutes per year [source].

Remember that it varies with the time of day and is influenced by mental and environmental factors.


Paying attention is a skill that can be improved with consistent practise! Here are some ways you can use at home to help your child focus on schoolwork and daily tasks:

When giving directions, start by addressing your child by name. Also, avoid shouting from the other room and make sure your directions are clear and succinct.

  1. Divide the job into manageable parts.
  2. Teach children to look at the teacher or the person speaking in class. The brain follows the eyes.
  3. Do not attempt to multitask! Changing tasks generates distractions.
  4. Restate and stress your child’s instructions to ensure understanding. That they got it the first time doesn’t help either of you.
  5. Instead of watching TV, encourage kids to do games like word searches and crosswords. We all focus better on FUN things, including your kids!


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