Is Online Learning Helping Students in STEM Fields?


Stem education has struggled to attract new professors and students in recent years. Nevertheless, do you think that the pandemic’s sudden visibility for scientists and engineers has boosted interest in STEM careers? Could a profession in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) have gained fresh appeal in schools?

New Ways

For Kemi Oloyede, creator of the Young Black Teachers Network, technology may help students grasp STEM topics in new ways.

“Students are using technology more these days, which is excellent,” she says.

“People used to think of science and technology as abstract ideas.” But if you utilize technology regularly, you’ll see its impact on your life.”

Using Technology to Promote STEM Subjects

Livingstone Academy principal Kimberly Elms says the courses have historically suffered from an image problem.

“I think parents have a lot of misconceptions about what technology and computer science entail,” Elms says.

I believe we should intentionally reframe it for our students, but also for their parents, who can have a huge impact on their children’s identities and choices, not just in school, but in their jobs.

Engagement and Interest

Both teachers believe that employing technology and online learning including online tuition in the Stem classroom has boosted their students’ involvement.’

“I utilize a simulator while teaching about cells,” Oloyede says. “Students can zoom to observe the sizes of various cells in relation to the universe in which we exist.”

Elms believes that integrating technology into the classroom not only engages students but also prepares them for careers outside the classroom.

A digital tool is incorporated in every learning session, according to Elms. “With our kids, we’re trying to use real-world, cutting-edge technology.” and also, she stressed that “It’s fascinating to see kids interact with the world.”


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