Malaysian Students Will Benefit From E-Learning


Because in-person learning has become nearly impossible in many nations as a result of the epidemic, online learning, or E-learning, has become the new standard. Many students have discovered that online learning may be beneficial to them during this difficult period. Everything has advantages and disadvantages, so students should weigh them and consider what works and what doesn’t for them.

Every student nowadays has at the very least a smartphone and internet connection. Learning is made much simpler since information is readily available. When compared to years past, it is now less of a headache!

Let’s look at the advantages of E-Learning for Malaysian students.

1: You may use it whenever and anywhere you want!

You are fine to go for an online lesson as long as you have a favourable study environment and a reliable internet connection. Due to the epidemic, students have been obliged to attend E-learning classes, and they appear to recognise this benefit.

The benefits of online schooling are often overlooked by parents. Accepting something so fresh that they were not exposed to as children is not in their DNA. It is the responsibility of students to inform their parents about the various benefits of this type of education.


2: It’s Individualized
Every kid learns in a unique way and at a distinct pace. Not every student will benefit from the same educational approach. One of the most significant drawbacks of offline learning is the lack of flexibility. For example, online tutoring is a one-to-one learning approach that provides for a high level of engagement between the student and the teacher.

Though many parents’ perceptions of perfect education are unsettled by online tuition, it is something that must be welcomed and accepted in today’s world. It is nearly difficult for a single instructor to offer each and every pupil equal and adequate attention in a classroom of 40 kids. Slow learners often feel as if they don’t fit in, as if they’re “less clever” or “unworthy” of excellent scores.

Online learning is undeniably more interesting, and it is also done in more innovative ways. Teachers can give each group a project and a leader. After that, each leader should divide and conquer the tasks, ensuring that the final result is presented in a logical order. In the online platform, this teaches students how to manage teamwork and lead.

As times have changed, students must become accustomed to delegating work and communicating without physically being there. Many duties are being moved to an online platform in the workplace. There may be additional technology breakthroughs in the future that we will all need to adjust to.

Although some claim that online learning encourages pupils to be lazy and lacks discipline, it all comes down to how it is used. Online learning will not undermine a student’s moral compass if parents instil virtues such as discipline and integrity in their children.

In a nation like Malaysia, where education is continuously developing and progressing, students must be willing to roll with the punches and take advantage of these new advancements!


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