Mathematical Applications in the Real World

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  • “Will this math concept be useful in real life?”
  • “When am I going to use math?”
  • “Isn’t this math notion completely pointless?”

These and similar questions have been asked by pupils many times during their math classes at school. All of those questions may be answered with Applied Math! When you study all of these mathematical ideas as a child, it may appear to be a fruitless exercise, but arithmetic has deep roots in our daily life. In reality, we unconsciously apply numerous math principles at the same time throughout our lives. Math is something we use all the time!

The application of mathematical methods in various domains such as physics, engineering, medicine, biology, finance, business, computer science, and industry is known as applied mathematics. As a result, applied mathematics is a mix of mathematics and specialized expertise.

In the literary sense, applied math refers to the application of mathematics to real-world situations. You may need to combine one or more components of math to answer the problem at hand, depending on the problem. The core of applied math is decision-making, which holds both the application and the problem together.

Teaching kids applied math at a young age allows them to understand how to apply mathematical concepts in real-life situations. And students develop deeper conceptual understanding as they grow older, gaining greater mathematical skills and financial literacy along the way. The school curriculum does not include any financial knowledge. Only 23% of Indians know how to manage their money. However, any parent understands how critical it is, and it is therefore given credit for! Learning applied arithmetic at a young age improves financial literacy as well as critical thinking, creative thinking, and problem-solving abilities. In this competitive environment, assisting youngsters with a variety of real-life difficulties provides them an advantage. Consider the following scenario:

Real-world Arithmetic teaches kids how to apply maths ideas to real-world situations like money, business, and finance. School math enables students to learn all of the pertinent topics for their grade level.

Thinking at a higher level Students can use math to help them tackle higher-order and advanced math issues. Money Arithmetic is a program that helps children understand math concepts and how to apply them to investing, budgeting, saving, and financial planning.

It’s not just number crunching for the sake of number crunching. Applied Mathematics is the tenth most valued college major for students, according to Forbes. It provides doors to higher education and well-paying jobs in fields like engineering, medicine, and research! Baking, Construction, Architecture, Tailoring, Stock Market, Computer Programming, Robotics, Automobiles, Aeronautical and Manufacturing.

Learning applied math at an early age develops a young person’s application mindset by allowing them to apply math abilities to real-world problems, preparing them for their future endeavors while also honing their logical and critical thinking. Nonetheless, it is no more a luxury but a necessary life skill for everyone in the twenty-first century. Without a doubt, Applied Math is an essential component of the new-age curriculum for students, which focuses on active learning and the transmission of new-age abilities to children in order to prepare them for the future!


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