Why Reading Skills Should be Developed?


Reading enables students to demystify and de-jargonize the most inaccessible aspects of their own thoughts. It enables children to learn about the joys and tragedies of people from different cultures whom we have never met in person. Reading must become more than just a talent for youngsters; it must become “a way of life” for them. Some schools include reading periods in their curriculum, while others simply encourage students to read books in various ways. School reading is frequently emphasised by English teachers and English tuition teachers as a means of improving critical thinking and expanding pupils’ vocabulary banks.


One cannot function effectively without the other. The more children read, the easier it is for them to speak beautifully because words connect more easily in their minds. It is important for children to be able to think beyond the box because reading allows them to expand their minds to new ideas and perspectives.

An excellent communicator must also be a good listener, which demands a great deal of patience and a mind that is always open to hearing and accepting fresh perspectives and ideas. All of this originates from the reading habit. You can also ask your English tutors for book recommendations!


Students are frequently encased in their own protective bubble, with little exposure to what is happening outside of their world. Critical thinking is a vital talent for students to develop, especially when the workforce landscape and the types of abilities sought by companies change dramatically.

Students must be able to broaden their thoughts and broaden their horizons. Many vocations are becoming obsolete, thus schools are modifying their teaching methods and syllabi are being altered and examined. Changes are being made to ensure that kids become critical thinkers, and reading undoubtedly plays a significant role in this.


The best authors are also the most voracious readers. In essays and comprehension exercises, most students struggle with good sentence structure and grammar-free writing. As kids read more, sentence structure becomes less of a challenge and comes more naturally in writing.

As we read a wide range of books, our brain becomes accustomed to reading sentences with proper structure and word usage. This also allows the brain to generate coherent sentence patterns when writing.

What we read has a big influence on what we write.


Students nowadays are stressed out because of their demanding schedules, exams, extracurricular activities, and other commitments. Rather than engaging in undesirable behaviours such as binge eating or binge watching television shows, reading is a healthy way to acquire some distraction and escape from stress for a short period of time.

Reading calms and slows the mind, allowing it to regain control and relax. Often, children may relate to the character in their novel, which makes difficult events much easier to face. When hearing about the narrative of a youngster caught in the thick of the Syrian war, self-reflection would remind us that we have a lot to be thankful for. This attitude of appreciation lightens life’s problems and is an effective

stress-reduction strategy.


In order to develop a long-lasting habit, one must start at a young age and work at it for many years.. It is critical to maintain patience and perseverance in order to grasp the English language!


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