For Students In Malaysia, The Most Common Causes Of Stress At School

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We know that many students, from elementary to high school, are stressed at school. Given that stress is a big element, parents should always ensure that their children are doing their best. Why should parents ask themselves? Knowing what is giving your child stress at school is the first step.

Knowing how to deal with school pressures reduces stress and allows pupils to perform better.

The most common causes of student stress are revealed below.


# 1 Upcoming exams

A decent grade or finding time to study is a major concern for many students. Test anxiety is common among top achievers as well as struggling students.

# 2 Too many assignments

Homework overwhelms and frustrates your child, making it difficult to complete assignments. Because of this, homework piles up, and your child lacks time or energy to finish it all, causing more stress.


# 3 A busy schedule

Whether it’s advanced coursework or studying, a heavy workload can cause stress in pupils. This is especially true for older high school pupils who are preparing for college.


# 4 Lack of organization

Students who lack structure tend to be more stressed at school. This is mainly because they lack the necessary tools or knowledge to learn. Poor organisation abilities may cause further scholastic stress and dissatisfaction.


# 5 Lack of “down time”

Students with busy schedules can soon become overwhelmed due to lack of relaxation time. As your child moves from elementary to high school, the amount and difficulty of schoolwork rises, adding to stress.


# 6 Insomnia

Students who don’t get enough sleep struggle to focus and learn. When your child struggles in class or on assignments, it can cause worry. Studies reveal that students who don’t receive the recommended 8-10 hours of sleep every night are more likely to be stressed.


# 7 Taking part in class activities

For many children, the idea of being called on in front of their peers is daunting. This is especially true if your child falls behind in a subject or area (common examples are math and reading).


# 8 Abandonment

Students can be stressed out by perceived lack of parental or instructor support. They may feel overworked and undersupported (emotionally or practically) in order to reach their goals. This is another source of stress for high achievers.


# 9 Changing environments

Moving to a new school or transitioning from elementary to high school can be challenging for many adolescents. New classes, professors, and habits can be difficult for students.


# 10 Routine shifts

Routines such as homework time and sleep schedules assist pupils navigate their days. Changes in habit might make it difficult for your child to manage their time, causing stress.


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