IGCSE Success And How It Starts With Improving Your Memory

Have you ever wished you had a better memory so you could glide through particular issues like exams? If so, you are not by yourself. In these circumstances, many students tend to blame their poor recall and assert that there is nothing they can do to change the situation. However, it is not intelligence that distinguishes “excellent memorizers” from “poor memorizers,” but rather the techniques they employ.

There is more to studying for the IGCSE than just memorizing facts and figures; being able to recall formulas, vocabulary, concepts, and the like with ease is crucial to getting the mark you want. No matter what stage of your IGCSEs you are at, it is not enough to just recall what was spoken in class; you also need to comprehend everything you studied in order to do well on the final exams.


Given that studies indicate that the typical adult’s attention span has decreased by about 12 minutes over the past 10 years, it is only reasonable to exercise caution before relying completely on technology to get by. Even while you would argue that revisions are the answer, there are several things you can do right away to improve your memory. Here are some quick strategies to help you start enhancing your memory right away!


Using Mnemonic Devices

Mnemonics are techniques designed to help you remember a lot of information by giving your mind shortcuts to the information it needs to know through mechanisms including association, reorganisation, and sensory memory. Several instances include:



Chunking is breaking up large chunks of information into smaller ones. We already practise this in our daily lives for a variety of reasons. An illustration would be splitting up long contact numbers, where we would divide a string of digits that is 10 or 12 characters long into smaller portions of 3 or 4. This is especially applicable to formulas. When revising, it is far simpler to divide a lengthy formula into smaller, more digestible portions.


Abbreviations and Acrostics

Making the information you need to memorize stick in your long-term memory can be accomplished by fiddling with the letters or words. They are useful in fields like the sciences that require a variety of precise data. An excellent method to use acronyms is to make your own or use ones that are currently in use. For instance, you could use the phrase “How I wish I could memorize pi” and add up the letters in each word to reach 3.141592 if you wanted to remember the first digits of pi.


 Mnemonics for music

You can without a doubt quickly and easily remember the words to your favorite songs off the top of your head. Have you ever pondered, though, how you managed to memorize them? Certainly not by sitting down and studying them. Music is a great way to help words stick in your head, especially catchy music. There are many effective ways to use music to help you remember information, and you are not required to be a composer or to create a whole song. Information or words can be retained in your memory by just singing them aloud. To make things simpler, you can utilize your favorite songs and change the words.


Restructure, Not Repetition

Repetition is the most popular approach of memorizing information, yet it is also the least effective. Because repetition just engages the brain’s surface level, many people find it uninteresting. Finding new ways to organize knowledge and link it to what you already know would therefore be preferable. This process is known as an elaborate rehearsal. Therefore, instead of just writing down your teacher’s words the next time you learn anything new, rewrite the knowledge on your own terms. When reading lengthy passages, make notes in your own words in the area close to the edges. Think about how this knowledge impacts what you already know and how it relates to it.



Recalling information is one of several difficulties to overcome and is essential to passing the IGCSE. Therefore, it only makes sense to make an effort to improve your memory. With the advice provided above, you should now be aware of the methods to employ in this endeavor and be prepared to keep looking for fresh approaches to advance your objective. TCMY is ready to help if you require more than just a memory boost to maintain your IGCSE standing! We offer individualized IGCSE private tutoring in Malaysia for a variety of courses along with unique study schedules to reinforce your learning. We promise to give you the support you need to be successful in your academic path, whether you need homeschooling or an IGCSE maths teacher in Malaysia. Contact us right away for further information!

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