Reading Comprehension And The Classroom

After a few years of working with children, we are aware that the majority of issues that young students have in the classroom can be linked to their literacy abilities, specifically reading comprehension.

Reading comprehension: What Is It?

The capacity to read and comprehend a sentence is known as reading comprehension. It is the capacity to quickly process the meaning, instruction, direction, idea, or inference from written words.


The ability to recognize words, sentences, and paragraphs as well as decipher the general meaning of a text constitutes reading comprehension, not knowledge of a single word or its meaning. Making comprehension of instructions can be challenging for students, which can easily result in bad results, which can then lead to dissatisfaction and a lack of engagement in class.


This doesn’t imply that a kid has serious comprehension difficulty or a deeper comprehension issue. Simply said, it means that by practicing basic literacy skills, the child will become more proficient in reading comprehension as well as other areas like word pronunciation and vocabulary growth. Increase a child’s self-esteem while enhancing their literacy abilities.


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